Holiday Scavenger doc 2021

Hiya everyone! Scavenger Hunt is starting soon! It is once again time for our community to gather and find all the presents again!

Have a merry savage X-Mass!:christmas_tree:

Rules: Everyone will be put in view-mode. Except our lovely editors who will monitor the document and add the locations!
If you have any questions about the hunt you can find us in the discord, forums and in the chats in HH! <Link to HH discord
If you happen to find a location. Please post the following in the #Scavenger-Hunts channel or under this post.

  1. Screenshot
  2. Mission number.
  3. Gamemode
  4. A description to it’s location

Good Luck!


remember me guys
from the halloween one

number 7 you can clip from all the way right as a rearline

I have’nt unlock compagin normal above district 9 and district 5 (hard) also not . So can I collect all presents

Unfortunately no, as some present have already been found in District you haven’t unlocked yet. I would still recommend finding the Presents that are available to you though, so hat you can buy some rewards from the holiday store. :+1:t2:

thanks for your respond

how much time does winter holiday store takes to restocked

it doesn’t sorry to say

it has to be manually edited by our editors. Besides that. This location has already been added.

Mission 7–10 Normal 2eme Vague derrière centre

Good find! It’s in the docks! :+1:

#52, you actually look left, not right.

Same with #58, midline hero, move LEFT to the police car, turn RIGHT, look at picture for the building.

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Here’s another picture for #63. Move far left.

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hip hip hoore hip hip hoore hip hip hoore

For #28, you also have to move far right.

You have to move far right for #90, not left.

Ami won’t let me enter the documen


Gauntlet 7-1 bottom left

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It’s also available on 4-1. Good find by the way! It’s in the document!

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That’s what I originally had post but when I went to The list It reference 7 - 1