Holiday Scavenger Hunt Google Doc 2022


:christmas_tree:Merry Christmas Hunters! :christmas_tree:

The Holiday Scavenger Hunt is coming up very soon! It’s time for the community to team up once again and locate all 100 Presents!

1) Everyone except editors will be put in view-only mode for the document. The editors are Discord Moderators from the Offical Hero Hunters Server, as well as some special guest editors.

2) If you’ve found a present that is not already added to the doc, please share the location by commenting on this forum post, or posting it in the #scavenger-hunt channel in the Hero Hunters Discord Server. If you’re not already in the community discord server, please consider joining!

3) Please provide the present number, the mission number, a brief description of where it’s located, and a screenshot of the present.

Let’s try our best to find all the Presents without hints this go around. We’re never gonna give up! Feel free to click the link below to learn more.

HH Scavenger Hunt Help

Good luck with the Scavenger Hunt everyone, and lets get out there and shoot some presents! :christmas_tree:


Rick rolled. Damn it


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


I read this comment just in time, :sweat_smile: (proceeds to click link anyway)


Jokes on you, i love Rick Astley


Normal level 5-4 has 3x Hunt Boxes. 1st direct behind building take with sniper. 2nd inside
blue big box hiden near Ship. 3rd in wave 2- 3 your right side " A rare Box " blink up… good luck and merry Christmas :bell::evergreen_tree::gift:


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