Hothead Offline Games?

One of the reasons I’m still playing Hero Hunters is the ability to download assets and play some parts offline. Forged Fantasy also has this ability, but I’m more of a tech guy than a medieval guy. So I have to ask …any other Hothead games like this?

How does offline work in HH? Sometimes i can play offline, sometimes I can’t, it seems random (I mean on campaign)


Game modes like PVP, and Co-Op raids you have to be online (because you’re playing with other players. Natuarlly to load your account you hav e to be connected. And I recommend being connected when you end the game …to save your progress. But Mission. Gauntlet and the other one (where you get Maven fragments on the daily task list) can be played offline.

Events like Bounties, can’t be played. And neither can Alliance tasks.

You have to make sure you download the assets. It’s usually by levels. Also you need to download the heroes. :slight_smile: You do that by watching their presentations. There is an option in the setting to have stuff download automatically on wifi…good luck

No I know all that but sometimes I can’t get past the loading screen, sometimes the game just loads up, other times it says error internet connection required, what I’m asking is what affects this

Sometimes it takes a try or 2 o get connected. I don’t know why.