Bug ! Bug ! Bug...... 10GB Wasted

It happens a lot of time . Whenever I starts the game it says to download every format like PvP ; ; coops; solo raids and gaulnet and each campaign mission . I had wasted almost 10GB of my data plz fix this … Here are some proofs…

Okay, I’ll take a look at your account
Hmm…interesting, while trying to fix you account I noticed that I am a normal forum user just like you and can not do anything. But maybe the support can, to find out you just have to contact them…
And to make you feel better, you are not alone.
You could have found that thread on your own by using the search function or taking a look at the front page. But :shushing_face: this is a exclusive pro tip I provide you. Don’t tell anyone else.


Thnks bro u gave me a hope… Or i could have uninstalled the game… :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Uninstall doesn’t work, someone in my alliance had this problem to, I also had it but it solved itself somehow, I think something went wrong with the new update not saving data

@krateroids How u resolved it ? I hadn’t been able to get a solution yet…

It fixed itself, it was gone out of nowhere

I only have to download a Normal/Hard mission if I play them instead of using quick win tickets. I think if you do not play a part of the game alot it will go to download, by cleaning phone or after update??? It only takes a few seconds when I get a download msg!

Wrong thread :grimacing:

I have this problem for days, I had to download once or twice per day, today I downloaded once, all data such as PvP/Co-op/Campaign/Solo Raids/Bounty/

I contacted in-game support and they didn’t do anything, they told me maybe my phone doesn’t have enough storage, or I have a network issue, or maybe I cleared hero hunters cache from settings, which I didn’t and I didn’t had any of those problems. then they just closed that converstion on FAQ.

My problem its not solved yet, and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it, JUST Wait

We have at least 4 players that have this problem

Eu também estou tendo esse problema chegar ser frustante ter que baixar repetidamente os download das missões