Offline mode for no data-connection

Really like the game so far. What really gets me is the offline mode, where i can still play and advance my account when im out and about in no reception zones for weeks/months. Not being able to play games offline has got most of them deleted from my devices never to be played again.


@Rollyhead, we do have an offline mode. Just not all modes are available offline.

For instance, you can’t play PvP offline because you play against other players.

The campaign is available offline. New districts require you to download the content before playing offline, however. So you are able to upgrade your Heroes where ever you are. Even areas without reception.

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Yes, just wishing it stays that way. For instance “pocket morty” used to be offline, now they added a pvp section to it and now it needs internet to load the game. I dont have it anymore

I also like the offline campaign, gauntlet, and daily raids. Great for those subway rides

Fully agree @Rollyhead. I spent far too much of my life on airplanes and it’s great to have something to do while I don’t have an internet connection. I’m a big fan of the design decision to allow single player modes to work while offline.

I’m Clear Cache Again Again Again
Then Download Again Again Again
Why It’s Not a full Download

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