How about a legendary skin for hivemind?

New bronze skin skill :
Explosive drone : whenever a drone is destroyed, it activates an explosive device and targets enemy heroes in this order : rearline, midline and frontline, dealing damage to these heroes in decreasing order.
Each attack drone does damage equal to a third of it’s health and each healing drone does damage equal to half it’s health.
I haven’t yet thought of a name for the legendary skill.
Ideas are most welcome!!!

the drones usually hover over/near their creator… the explosion would harm the user a lot more than someone else accross the field

I’d say his legendary should just add the function to say what all of the drones should attack, stealing the namesake “kill command” here… also increase his def drones by 1 and health drones by 2

I meant more like a homing missile or like a kamikaze drone, which really starts going “beep beep beep beep beep” until it reaches it’s target and finally goes “beeeeeeeeeep BOOM

Kamikaze is a pretty good name for his legendary ability : “Kamikaze drone”
Or maybe even a new hero, who’s bronze ability is the ability to kill himself and take out one single hero with him, but damaging his own teammates in the process

Uh, what? The 1:1 hero trade would be more than enough, it should also damage the enemy team, not the players own. That would just make it worthless.

Still wanna see this one.

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That’s kinda awesome!
I would love to see this guy in action

LOL just playing with ideas