Hero concept: Golding the mini-drone spammer

So this is not a finished hero concept, more a little drafting really.
This guy is a drone guy like Hivemind but he operate mini-drones. I mean super small ones, like flies.

Bronze Skill:
Golding lets lose a swarm of mini drones to interrupt the target.
They deal XXXX damage / second and make the target disoriented, with a X% chance to stagger the target each second.
The swarm of drones can only be taken away from the target when Golding activates his Silver skill.

Silver Skill:
Golding command his drones to form a disrupting wall in the battlefield. The swarm blocks enemy fire, during a 20 second period approx 50% of all enemy fire will get blocked out by the drones.

If Bronze was active when Silver activated the target takes XXXXX damage by releasing a very hot gas upon accelerating away to form the wall. This also leaves the target stunned for 5 seconds.

Gold Skill:
Bronze has a chance of 40% to spread to any enemy passing the affected target by.

Platinum Skill:
IDK. Small drones.

That’s a BA hero. A good bit op though. If the drones hit every second like Hivemind’s that’s a total smackdown. Wouldn’t have been need Halo to dominate, but with Halo basically unbeatable. Could work though with numbers turned way down.

I haven’t really put numbers out. I think Bronze is quite comparable to the one of Surge but with other status effects.

When I first read this, my eyes were quite warped with PvP syndrome. I’d have to say now it doesn’t look so crazy. As long as the bronze skill has a limited time added to the skill and the chance to stagger is 10-15% tops it should work well and be a long time usable hero.

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