How bonus points work for PVP?

For eg. I use a 6k power cross worth 30x points in a 16k team against a 20k team. I end up getting 140k points when I win. How?

16000+20000= 36000
36000 x 30 = 1080000 (wrong)

Just 30x on Cross’ power,
6000*30=180000 (already exceed total points)

Even if I assume the extra 0 is a mistake and it’s just 3x none of it makes sense.

Cross is worth 20x and its just x that specific heros power. everything else is normal hero power points. It doesnt x the team as a whole just that specific hero

Ah i see thank u. So pointwise there isnt any advantage to dump all the bonus characters in a group since their multipliers dont affect each other.

Well, think about this hypothetical example.

Cross has 1,000 power and a 20x bonus
Briar has 1,000 power and a 10x bonus

If you took them both, Cross would get 20k points on a win, and Briar would get 10k.

So that’s more than if you just took Cross. The multipliers don’t affect each other, but you get more points for a win. Whether your bonused Heroes make a good, winnable team or not is a strategy decision.