PVP Tournament - Bonus Heroes

Ive noticed that if any bonus heroes such as krieger or harbinger are at lvl 1, then i dont get points as per their multiplier.

So is this a bug or is it how the game is designed??

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wars or pvps or r u talking about both?

just pvp… i just get a combined total of both teams power rather than an inceased score because of the multiplier.

why you would use them in lvl 1🤔… kurtz team?

it was just something i noticed… so wanted to know if this is a bug or its how HH have designed the game.

It shud technically work no matter what level the hero is at.

Same thing is happening when i use striker vangaurd and few others and they are level 60.

Happens also with Kurtz and Caine

my heros get the points no matter the level

I’ve used a number of characters and I get no points. No bonus or base points.

There is a number of heroes that are currently glitched in this blitz, Kurtz, Caine, Vanguard, Operator and Pris all won’t give points as far as I am aware

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