Are War Percentages Incorrect?

Just curious why removing bonus heroes gives me a higher percentage. And also, why do we win to 40% but lose to 90% or something else along those lines lol

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Cause it’s a gamble to anything other then 100%

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You’re failing to take into account element, you will find teams which are lower power but have element advantage have higher percentages


This will tip the odds when facing actual enemies, with the KLG merc’s it’s just a straight up gamble. As they have no element. You’d think it’s align with whatever the hero version of the character is, though then they’d just be flawless balanced teams. Lancer:biochem, vanguard:energy, operator:mech, and then the generic soldierly type guys or the occasional commander. So you’d still be playing for team power. Doesn’t really make a difference and this long post is pointless… but still, logic.


Did not know elements matter in war. Thanks for the too @Gale


These examples were sent to me by logic a while back, you’ll notice the highest power team has 2 bios which is weak to 3 energy on the teams


@Gale Assuming we’re attaching Godlante’s heroes to the enemy heroes they would have an elemental advantage over:

The 118k team has 4 at an advantage and 1 equal. 81% chance of success.
The 114k team has 3 at an advantage and 2 equal. 84% chance of success.

I don’t understand how that can be. The only thing I can think of (other than assuming it’s a bug) was that the Attack Boost Improvement was finished building while you were looking at that enemy team @OfficialGodlante

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Sadly I don’t know how it works but I do know for a fact the system is there it even says it in the info button screens:

There must be a way it calculates it


It depends on the team, GOD. Bonus / malus between element always apply

My issue is in the alliance bracket