How did this guy get sapphyr in the uaf and uaf airborne faction fight?


Interesting… :thinking:

Hacks? :no_mouth:

Or maybe sapphyr is thinking of switching sides? Perhaps next update she’ll reveal herself to be Gale’s sister?

Dun dun dun! :open_mouth:

Lol. In all seriousness, maybe it’s just a visual glitch. Check if their actual Sapphyr is the same.

I did look myself. It is sapphyr and shows her when you click on it

Sapphyr is a Shadow Agent. She’s an assassin. Maybe she was on a Top Secret assignment. Maybe you just blew her cover. Maybe the mission is now ruined. Maybe the fate of the universe is at stake. Who knows what we’ve uncovered…

Or maybe it’s just a glitch. But it’s definitely one of the two. I’m sure.


lol… :rofl:

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Saphyr is definitely a double agent.


Did anyone tried to report it to Support in the Game and know what they have to say about this ?

Band those hackers…

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