Hero Spotlight: Sapphyr

Icon_ElementEnergy Sapphyr


  • A stealthy assassin. A relentless attacker who prevents enemies from healing, and picks apart debuffed enemies with ease.

Primary Weapon – SMG


Rift Blade

Bronze Skill
Rift Blade strikes the targeted enemy, dealing damage and healblocking the target for a period of time.


Shadow Step

Silver Skill
Sapphyr turns invisible for a period of time. While Shadow Step is active, Rift Blade’s cooldown is reduced and deals an additional damage.



Gold Skill - Passive
Whenever Sapphyr is invisible, she gains improved weapon damage and critical hit chance.

Mortal Rift

Platinum Skill - Passive
Sapphyr’s weapon has a chance to deal an additional damage and healblock enemies for a period of time.

Where can I get Sapphyr?

  • You will find Sapphyr Fragments in the Co-op Raid “Into the Dojo”

What do you think of Sapphyr?



Great skill set! hopefully I will try her soon :slight_smile:


I love the colour! :purple_heart:


She looks awesome and her abilities are so cool. They are so tactical and sinergise so well. Although many heroes have abilities that fit them and energise with each other, there are some heroes that have what seems like random abilities. Sometimes these cross over and for me it makes some heroes feel less special. Its awesome that this heroes abilities are unique as it makes her special


Those arm spears look Nice and dangerous ill try her out if i get her

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Do you guys now her health block doesn’t work on fortress?

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It seems to not work at all. I’ve seen Hardscope, Fortress and Maven healing while healblocked.

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I noticed while losing a lot of PvP to fortress thanks to this, haven’t noticed the other hero’s yet, can others confirm?

Well, someone else already posted about Heimlock healing under healblock

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I dont think its a bug heimlock has cleanse ability using that he removes healblock making it really hard you should maybe use callidus if you have her

Not really, all heroes can heal under healblock. But they barely heal anything. Its as if healblock were a 95% thing, not 100%

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