Sapphyr Heal Block dont work properly

I’ve been trying a few times to pass 7-9 Hard level using Sapphyr to heal block Heimlock to kill him during the 12 second heal block period. I’m using Shadow step in beginning of wave 3/3 to avoid being shot at so I don’t get interrupted. Heimlock is still being healed during the 12 seconds every time so there seems to be a bug in the skill. Please fix as I would love to finally pass 7-9 Hard which is extremely hard :slight_smile:

Could it be that he is using his silver ability after you try and heal block? His silver gets rid of any negative effects, and that includes heal block.

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Hmmmm, valid point, but I block him early when he arrives and can’t recall seeing him perform that Sterilize move (lifting himself up above the ground). I’ll try a few times more checking if that is the case… Thank you Benched…