War weariness. An idea?

In recent months, a lot of folks in my alliance have started getting tired of wars. Which is ashamed, since we used to like them quite a bit. So what has changed?

More recently we’ve grown and I suppose bumped up into a higher bracket and are facing very well coordinated teams. That’s good for them, but it does kind of ruin it for the more casual teams that are growing. Specifically, it’s the alliances and truces that are set in place on day 1.
We’ve joined some of these teams in truces, and honestly there was almost no fighting past day 2. Sure we got a good ranking, but it was really dull.

I wonder… what if the teams you were battling were completely unknown? Or maybe they don’t become visible until day 3? Then the game would be completely about the war itself. You’d have to figure out how to defend all of your fronts at the same time.
It sounds a lot more like the wars we had when we were in a lower level alliance (there really wasn’t too much behind-the-scenes chatting at the lower levels).

Thoughts? It’s not a perfect idea. Curious what others feel. Maybe a variation of this theme?



I like your idea. I would also like wars to be half as long with battle points resetting every 12 hours instead of 24 hours. This would make it fairer on those of us in parts of the world where the reset time (ever since these wars began) has been suited only to people in America and Europe.


How about if there was no WAR chat, how about if the alliances had no names, they just stood there, Ally 1, Ally 2 …


All great ideas, I love the not knowing who you are in war with but reset every 12 lol some slow people can’t use battle points that fast haha

To be honest with you, I just accepted they won’t ever change the game much so that’s why I don’t complain I just play other games.

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AW is like real life. The first half is interesting and exciting. The second half? Haha… Good luck. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Good job… HH… u make it so real… or too real… lol

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This topic was brought up on prior posts at: Alliance Wars Needs Improvement 2.0 and nothing was ever done, so a lot of people chose to retire


War chat is normally more entertaining than the actual war tho😂, can’t get rid of that


I agree. The war chat can be fun. I like the banter.
…but it wouldn’t be compatible with hiding who you’re fighting.

I think I like no War Chat or seeing the other teams until the final day. Then you can see who you beat. Or who beat you.

Seems to be a common theme here.


I agree good point, I hardly chat in war chat and I like the idea of unknown teams should be easy to try and demo that and see how it works out.

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