New war format

War has entered season 44, and has become a bit of chore. Many reasons for that: same maps, less appealing rewards etc. Another reason might be that war has become too peaceful or say „truce-ful“! There are many alliances just truce with everyone and collect points peacefully, which seems pointless in terms of war.

I wonder whether we can try out wars without truce: basically, war chat shall be disabled and alliances‘ names masked. So truce cannot be set up (easily) and everyone has to fight! By doing so, war will be unpredictable and much more fun. Hopefully this will bring back some excitement we experienced when war started to roll out a few years ago


War isn’t exactly fun…

Wish it would pair people at the war times and you could play against an enemy alliance member or something like that. wish rather than a drawn out event it was a once a week event thing 3 times?

Idk maybe I should look into it and make a concept… we‘all see…

A 4 day war does seem a little too protracted. 3 days should be enough.
And I agree a war without truces could be fun but again only if you have equal teams. War matchups on basis of total alliance power would make it very easy for the alliances that have a couple of really really big players and others as level 80-85 in this scenario


For matching up, people suggested years ago that matching should based on the top 5 or 10 players of each alliance. That should screw up some min-Max alliances, but it was never adopted by HHG:-)

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