How to get custom pofile pics with your name

Can anyone tell me how to do it? Heard that people like Gale has one

I made mine as I am Admin/ Mod on the community Discord server :slight_smile:


Make me one please? If you can, With Corrupt on it

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I know, i cant, and i dont really like that gif

Also don’t try to create a picture like mine or any of the other mods or you will probably make Muninn (the forum mod) mad. We have ours because we are mods or admin on the community discord

Make whatever icon you want, so long as it’s not offensive and doesn’t break the forum rules.

If you’re ever confused about who’s a staff member, check Meet the Devs!

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I swear, you have the most ridiculous delusions of grandeur I’ve ever seen :joy: How can someone suck so much pleasure out of the minute iota of power from being a mod on the discord server for a freemium mobile game.


Nikon said to tell him :man_shrugging:

when it comes to the rules in a typical forum you just have to mainly watch out for Staff impersonation. If they start pretending to be staff or providing false info and saying they are staff, well that is a big no no.

no harm in a profile pic

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