How would it be if Stagia was removed from the game

Be honest how would it be if the most unfair and abusively used Void hero was completely removed from the game?

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Abusive yes. Unfair not really. You just have to know your ways around her. I prefer to take out the team using my DPS and picking her out last, or otherwise i keep counteracting her damage to outlive her shield


I’m just gonna sit here and smile, don’t wanna get to far into this again, he he…

Edit; to answer the title of this post, it would be glorious

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I agree. I think she’s a lot less effective now than when originally released. Verril is brutal and a more pressing target to take out earlier IMO. The thing bothers me more is the ruby Voltage with the astronaut and the lightning twins. There’s very little you can do.

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There is a variation to that team that is just much much worse. To the point that i won’t even share for anyones mental health. Yes they are more pressing and somehow people don’t complain.

If Stygia is removed from the game… players will be complaining about another hero. Most players are never truly satisfied. :slight_smile:

Players nowadays only want to play with op characters or unfair team builds due to the fact they do not want a play it fair, I mostly like players who play it standard but let me tell you about Verril and Stagia players, absolute ignorant jerks who believe that players who die to such heroes and want change are so called “idiots”, learned when I was in the Facebook group, luckily I left that group and joined an actual group who knows whats what

Hehe barrels plat helps out tons with lightning teams

you have to find a solution that works to combat things. if you just cry nerf, as some others have, or want a hero removed then it just shows lack of growth.

Yeah, I find using Verrill gives me a greater chance to win than Stygia because he can delete 1-3 opponents per silver and swing the battle far in my favor quickly.
However, there are variations using Krieger and a lightning twin which are just gimmicky and give you wins faster with less active playing required. Frankly, I will swap out the more meta teams to play with more actively controlled, fun squads because I’ll get bored otherwise.

You might want to try Panzer. Counters Verrill and is basically the close rang mech Verrill

Unless you get boulevard map

Verrill is not difficult to take out by various mech. voltage seems more annoying, and there is not a lot that one can do about that. Just use a bit imagination, you can create a team even more nasty than voltage/lightening team. :slight_smile: a few things you can do to combat voltage:
One, Use a team with lots of Shield that start at the very beginning of match. Hopefully you can survive long enough to move and shoot;
Two, Shoot voltage as soon as the game starts. If you are lucky, you can disrupt her skills;
Three, use fiber to disable the Japanese girl asap, who normally is the main killer in that team;
Last, use a ruby voltage yourself :smiley:
The main message is: no need to complain about one particular hero. There are always ways around it

There was always a way around it, until stygia came…,
chaos ensued

Well, my stygia is maxed. But I don’t use her in bounty (unless she is the bonus hero), nor in missions or coops. I don’t even use her in pvp anymore, since no way she will guarantee a win, neither she is fun to play with.

Not sure about your point of keeping focus on her.


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