PVP has become dull with the introduction of Verrill

Now the PVP team selction has become either you have Verr -win or you create a Team tht counters it.
Where is the experimentation ,where is trying new team combos ?

Those who have V ,love him and I am happy for you all.But donot you get tired of the monotony.

I am actually very disappointed with how the creators have released him.Makes me wonder if they really are buffing newly released heroes too much ; so tht gamers feel helpless and spend their cash to get that hero.


Each new heroes is the same stupid loop.
I post feedback « balance your heroes before releashe » for the same reason of you, i think develepper dont test is heroes in pvp.

But i like more meta with verrill ( because you can kill verril easily with mech heroes like ryker) than meta with, oracle, krieger,halo,kurtz,……

There’s nothing wrong with Verrill. He’s a glass canyon that can be taken out quickly. The problem you might running into are people min maxing. What HHG should do is punish the min maxer more heavily, not nerf a well designed character.


Ryker cannot counter Verrill.Even Ryker which has more promotion level.

Verrill overpowers even when he has same promotion and xp level as ours.
This character has broken the balance system.

there are plenty of mech heroes who can counter him. claiming things are dull and a hero is broken without putting in effort to figure out the counter on your own wont help you grow.

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Ryker is not a major damage dealer like other some Mech heroes are. Just because a hero is the opposite element in the elemental triangle, that doesn’t mean they are the best hero to get the job done. Personally, I easily kill Verrill with heroes like Sapphyr, and 4-CEP. I’m sure others like Shivs, Kuno, and Obrez can get the job done too.

@GIR , I said in my first topic only - I have learnt from senior players how to counter V.But my pt is it has become the sole focus while we built up a team now.
If we lose those heroes tht can counter V we are doomed fr sure.No other character is unbalanced and overpowering like him in our division.

well @J_A_D_O , the character you mentioned - I seriously doubt all of them can beat V cause I have tried with Kunoichi.

We can defeat 4cep , Krieger , Prophet , MK2 , Cyphon , Artemis , Sapphyr , Marlowe even our newer additions Luciana and Ruby with our normal team with wise kill order.But the case with V is different .He can be beaten only with certain heroes which is also if V’s team is not good.

You have seen this parade of Gamers informing about V’s ill balanced make up .It is time you start opening up your minds and face reality.

I have been Co-op PvPing a ton these past few days. I’ve seen a lot of my enemies using Fiber-Verill and Fiber-Verill. All ruby heroes. Each time I’ve faced them, I have easily won, without losing anyone.
Our team was Sapphyr-Phalanx and Verill-Fiber. All ruby except for Verrill, who was 9* Plat5. In our case, Sapphyr was the MVP the majority of the time.

Play Solo Pvp , fellow gamer.
Or try using Sapphyr team without V against a well managed V team.

I will! And I will make sure to share my results, whatever they may be. :slight_smile:

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What bracket are you in @VAYDUMALZ? Most people here are in the highest brackets, so if you’re in a lower bracket, it could be causing confusion.


First of all, it’s not me second thing is, my friends suggested Luciana counters verrill better than any other hero… So, work on her:)
Or keep finding counters,its a good thing.
Don’t tell anyone when you find counter(s), I hope you keep dominating against verrill he is pretty weak specially against Torque,so u can use him in 3v3 events. Have a great day!

Verill is perfectly designed with it’s squishy nature with high damage. He’s the oni chan of saphyr . I don’t have any problem with taking out this character at pvps .


@DESTROYER1DAN I am a Rookie div HH gamer.

Ahh, that explains how our experiences with Verill are so different. I am in Legendary bracket, while you are in Rookie. PvP is very different for both of us.

I wager that people who complain about a hero being too strong haven’t checked the full roster of heroes.

Multiple mech dps heroes can handle Verrill. Multiple. Y’all gotta be smarter about who you use to counter him, smh.

@Vintermyst It seems you need to see this matter in the perspective as every gamer in this HH world .There are gamers who are still new and donot have all the heroes to counter one particular hero.
Btw , is HH all abt using V or countering V as I mentioned bef?Well thts what is making HH so montonous.And monotonous game makes gamers look fr fresher ,newer content in market.
I didnot worry abt Revenant , Luciana or Ruby -you know why? - they are beatable with normal setup.But Verrill is unbalanced .I knw abt the ridiculously powered bronze skill of Verrill(fit fr gold) .

I am losing my patience with the creators’ indifference to our relevant plea.:vertical_traffic_light:

If we see every aspect of the game, there are different kind of campaign beside PvP only…
What you wrote above is correct, PvP needs a well managed team… the key is not solely based on 1 hero, but the whole squad… Every PvP meta have their own time range…
Besides PvP, there are bounties, extreme missions, AW and others, like the special events…

IMO, heroes like Kurtz, Serial and Verill have their own purpose…
Try extreme missions, u will need heroes like Verill…

About the frags from co-op, what u are experiencing is the same with most of us when we started to play this game… I was collecting frags per frags for a new heroes, meanwhile the seniors already have the most current heroes… Every player in the legendary brackets start from the rookie bracket…
What make you frustrated, maybe the sandbagger or the min-maxer, not because the hero itself…
Some heroes indeed special, so when they were released, there was a complain thread in the forum for them…

We don’t want HH to released a lame heroes that just useful for Patrol crates…

Verill is good and versatile in almost every campaign… We had enough the nerfed down heroes from useful and then turn to patrol guard heroes…