Verrill needs to go

Sorry…but verrill needs to either be nerfed or ripped outta the game. Playing an opponent when they have verrill is very frustrating. His abilities are too op it’s ridiculous. No matter what heros you have. Plz do something

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Which bracket do you play pvp ?

You need to go!!! Upgrade your Verrill and STOP complaining. Let’s Nerf every hero. Would that make you happy? No it wouldn’t. Learn the game and stop complaining.


The best outlook for something is to find a counter and take him down. Not ask for a nerf because you just can’t even right now.

When you need him the most, he will then be nerfed. So you’d initially hurt yourself in the process.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


If you’re another rookie division player like the one who complained before then my advice to you - your experience with Verill and ours are completely different .

There are a lot of modes in the game . Learn them well . Verill is probably the best addition to this game this year and has helped in a lot of gaming modes.

And I have no problem dealing with Verill at pvp . Learn to use the proper counter . It doesn’t even take 1 reload to kill him.

Learn to overcome , not complain for nerf.

Those who complains keep complaining . Thanks.


No, he doesn’t need to be removed/nerfed.

Verrill is not OP; he was built in response to Serial and Krieger (cheese) teams. His weakness is Mech burst dps damage.


Evidence 1

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Evidence 3


Nerfing Verrill is not the answer. If HHG would just fix matchmaking by not allowing people to only run 2 man Verrill + Matador on a normal PvP event, then lower level people wouldn’t have any complaints. Verrill surrounded by all rubies going up against a team of all rubies is well balanced. Ruby Verrill + Ruby Matador versus a team of all plat is unbalance.


I agree. Almost any hero maxed out at ruby can be used to exploit the pvp matchmaking process as it currently stands.

Rather than nerfing heroes that are currently useful in other modes, and making them almost useless, the matchmaking needs a serious overhaul.


The gamers responding here to your feedback - never try and understand the depth and consequence of Verrill’s irregularities from a holistic perspective.Personally,I believe all they care about is their experience.
The developers seem to be lost in their own bubble too.I have seen numerous legitimate feedbacks being bluntly dampened or ignored by them.

So what I can do here is - give you some tips as to how you could defeat that character.
Verrill can only be taken down if “you have certain heroes AND take him down first”
Heroes to take down Verrill with : Mech Mid line heroes(except Ryker) ; Energy heroes who do large dmg ; Mech , Energy and certain Bio heroes (Gold Cross) who do good dmg. For this to work you have to be controlling the heroes mentioned above.
Even Pariah can help to keep Verrill in check in low skill level bouts.You can keep Verrill busy with her then use her bronze to heal her back.

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Ahhh here we go, missed this


Yes, verrill is strong. Maybe some would say op. But like many others here has said, just find the right counter for him.

Personally I have only found verrill to be a counter to himself, all headshots in pvp, and you will survive. Barely, but the opposing verrill will die and you will not. (Unless they also go all headshots or just have a stronger verrill)

Git gud and stop complaining.
I lost a bunch of matches against verrill and i dont want to see heroes nerfed without a reason.


If you notice, there’s a window where Verrill is vulnerable, and that’s when his endless fire mode is not up. Shooting at him as fast as possible to disrupt his fire is a key element to winning matches.

If you’re that worried about Veril then either, run a strong mech dps if it is a constant issue or run your Veril and target the opposing Veril as soon as you have control. Otherwise, keep an eye on his ability and start rolling or savor the sour grapes of defeat.

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Or, send a prayer, accept your fate and blast through his defenses before he eats you up.