Hq bonus is still too high

hq bonus has gotten better but its still too much needs to go back to 10 percent 15 percent and 20percent. It didnt change much its just a bigger map and it doesnt much matter if the honus is 50 percent or 100 percent the teams are still inpenetrable 160ks vs 250ks (new update and old update) either way its still a brick wall. The hq buff dropped from 250k teams to 160k teams. We couldnt get through the 250ks not much of a difference now cuz we cant get through the 140s 150s and 160ks. Only if they lay awful defense on their fronts can we get through. 50 percent is still crazy high for the furthest buff away from their zones

Id be okay with even 20 percent, at least then we have a chance. Any team that knows what theyre doing u wont be able to get through on a 50 percent buff

The HQ bonuses are there to ensure everyone get’s decent points and no alliances are bullied out of the game, it is a good idea to have a safe zone so every team has a chance to play on fair grounds. What should never have been implemented is the idea to sabotage enemy HQ bonus tiles as this gave people the impression you would be able to reach said tiles. Not to mention the 18-20 BP cost of said sabotage, this feature should be removed so the impression that you are able to reach bases disappears as the idea of HQ bonuses and Sabotage do not go hand-in-hand.

So then get rid of the idea of sabotage or allow surprise attack for sabotage.

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Yeah agree. We’re not suppose to break the buff down so make sabotage able to be Implemented by air strike.

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Personally, I think HQ bounses are fair now…no need for more nerfs

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It is still to hige
If you want to actuly push on them you just have to suicide attack in hope that Fighting Chance trigger.
In my current war we have to do that just to protect our ground and a 1*

We should call this area, ‘The Hero Hunters Alliance Wars Safespace.’ :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the HQ boosts are just right. The problem is the maps are a bit too small. I think we should have a little more breathing room. The bonuses help the lesser active crews but even that doesnt help sometimes. Me and my crew always find a weakness and with the fighting chance boost its even easier if your opponents are lacking in their D formation. I say a little bigger on the map will balance the HQ boosts very well.

This is war, its a game mode we dont need a handicap for the weak?! Every game mode has winners and losers, if they dont put the coordination and effort into making their front line defense strong then thats their fault, we shouldnt be penalized just because teams arent good at war. it is deff still too high a good handicap would be 15 to 20 percent then increase further the farther u go back into the enemy zone. Literally nothing really changed from war 2 to war 3. The numbers are just a little less ridiculous. I agree u can have a safe place for your zone but 50 percent is too much

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Oh and the maps dont get much bigger if anything theyre all smaller except for maybe the last map

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