Impossible to take a base now

Need to hq defense buff to drop, its ridiculous atm


Makes it hard to do much in war this time around


New HQ boost is ridiculous! Can’t attack anything near not to mention close to enemies HQ! War is ruined so far with these boosts. I prefer old ways better.


The hq buff would be ok if the map was much larger in size, 5 tiles around bases is buff zone so map should be 15-20 tiles from each base

I kind of like it. It forces people to fight over the middle.

I like it, forces mid battles now :slight_smile:

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Should still be buffed but not this much, its a brick wall u cant can get thru at all, u wont be able to cut any teams supply, if they have the middle, takes alot of strategy out, i know it helps with the truce problems in war but, its a bit much. Hq improvement bonus is pointless, and if i capture a 2 starred sector and the sector above it is an enemy alliance hq bonus zone we will have to constantly defend that 2 starred sector, no blocking it takijg the tile ahead cuz it has a 250k team on it so we would have to defende the thing 1 attack at a time, everytime they hit it, we have to hit it back, any sudden bursts could take it, and AW has been a little slow this war. Takes a few mins for things to register and we end up losing a zone cuz i cant hit it back cuz it shows they havent attacked it yet.hate losing a starred sector at reset cuz of that.

Yup this new HQ buff is ridiculous some bases require over 150k power to attack with now according to me not even a single person have not than 150k power of top 5 heroes so we can’t take on that HQ and yes the new improvements are awesome like that 10% increase in the success rate and some good defenses also . But please HH fix this power buff…

Loving it! It prevents bullying… :peace_symbol: it’s probably too OP, but don’t mind it much. Just fight for high value sectors. What I don’t like is the lag, massive on my end

What good is war if you cant push to the left or right. Its good for the less than average teams in war who cant gold their own. Matches in the same team power shouldnt be any bullying going on unless theyre running a short team thats stacked. Everyone else should have the same capabilities. Just dont work hard to set and make defenses the right way

They are still placing teams that cant compete with other teams and punishing alliances with players of mixed levels and experience. The other stuff is trivial next to this.

I know someone just said it prevents bullying but in reality it actually enforces it even more. Sure it’s very difficult to break into somebody’s territory. But now you can basically block somebody with some high power teams from even advancing into the neutral territory. Either way some alliances won’t be able to do anything after the first two days.

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I think in alliance war there must be some new criteria for distinguish just like in PvP

So, a summary of some of the new dynamic these boosts have forced.
Bear in mind I can only comment on the 5 that my team have built.

Thanks to the defence boost, the only thing to do now is battle in mid. In our case anyway.
The extension limit on the tiles that are affected by boost is far too great on this particularly small map, making the first sign of an enemy pointless to attack.
The 10% attack boost has no visible application recalculation so knowing exactly if/what your 10% boost is/does is still rather unclear. I can, but many also cannot calculate percentage.
Having 3 different options to scout honestly seems a bit useless, maybe they could be somehow integrated with each other…

To finish: some of the boosts I would’ve liked to have utilised just weren’t appropriate which I guess is trial and error to an extent. But with some of the others in our bag already I couldn’t find a cohesion to tie them together. I can see the perks being sets in a meta that probably won’t include a large portion of them. A little disappointing. This round was a bit stale.