I find it odd that each faction is, in some way, bad

With District 12 revealing that the People’s Guard are just as “dirty” as the next guy, are there other people in the canon that can be considered a “good guy?” I mean, the only characters whom I can consider protagonists are Ryker’s squad.

The KLG are supposed to be the antagonists, but then we have the People’s Guard literally being the Mafia and Triad combined and not in a good way. We have the Rangers who we’d think are just scavengers and hunters, but in the end they’re just boogeymen for the KLG. The Patriots can pass as hardcore American Patriots but they’re bordering extremism.

And then we have both the UAF and its Airborne division, where one’s Lore flat out states that it’s failing and the other’s Lore states that it’s secretive and untrustworthy.

Is everyone not in Ryker’s squad an antagonist?

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This is the apocalypse. It doesn’t matter whether you are seen as good or evil, what matters most is your survival. People will do whatever they see necessary to survive and carry on, and in harsh times, like those seen in the game, people will be pushed to survive and do terrible things.

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Shoremen are the original good boys!

Welcome to the real world.


mercenaries is good guy