People’s Guard (Inner Factions) Theory

We know that The People’s Guard has 2 Inner Factions. (Like UAF and UAFA, or KLG and KLG Black-Ops) But what are the 2 Inner Factions? Who are in each? How are they divided? (@Skathi, @LordNikon, @Muninn, I’m not acutally asking you guys. It’s more like I’m encourging players to think. :grin: )

The 1st Inner Faction, “Mafia (the hammer)” COULD represent represent those who take on challenges face forward, who can do great DPS. This all could be represented by a “hammer”. Showing that they can look small, but pack a bigger punch.

The 2nd Inner Faction, “Triad (the branch/leaf)” COULD represent those how are healers, shielders, or tanks, because they show that they keep the others alive and well. (for the most part :joy:)

So . . . which hero’s go where? (IMO)

“Mafia (The Hammer)”

  • Ronin

  • Shivs

  • Shank

  • Mauler

  • Kashi

  • Irezmi

"Triad (The Branch/Leaf)"

  • Halo

  • Savage

  • Klayton

  • Castellan

  • Francoise

The circle that goes around both symbols, COULD represent how despite there differences, the are ONE, and will always be ONE.


It COULD mean that they are both trapped inside the circle. (Kurtz) It could represent this because a circle has no beginning, and no end. With no way to get out. They are no longer free like they used to be, with Kurtz sitting on there shoulders.

Again, this is just MY THEORY. The whole “Hammer and Branch/Leaf” Inner Factions has not been confirmed in anyway.

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Comments? Ideas?

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I mean, peoples guard is made of remnants of yakuza and mafia, its a mix of 2 former mobs joining forces together. Not a bad theory tho


@Dagamepro Oops, didn’t realize that. I did some changes now to make it more accurate. Thanks!

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I like to think that Kaishi and Ronin came from non-mafia organizations(?) Kaishi’s hero spotlight sheds some background to the guard

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Like I said earlier, this is just an idea. Obviously there are some factors I haven’t look into yet. So thanks for letting me know.

I organised them by looking at there Ruby Ability’s. (Doing Damage meant Mafia, and the other 2 meant Triad.) Again, I’m not saying I’m right at all. I’m most likely wrong.

Thank you for your feedback.

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