I have unlocked OBREZ

I unlocked OBREZ twice for 600 gold in the feature crate and both occurrences the game said error and restarted but did not return my gold.

Can the devs please look into this?

The forum rules have instructions on how to proceed! Thanks.


i have the same problem, game desync and give back your gold bars but everytime you got obrez, game restarts itself

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Please contact support in-game! We cannot provide game support through the forums.

Reminder to please read over the rules and guidelines before posting


I opened a case - may I ask what the turnaround time is or if there will be one considering this seems to be a game wide issue?

They will reply within 24 hours.

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What if you get this reply?? Then what??


You wait for support to get back to you

That means you’ve been banned from the support desk for prior abuse. Support bans cannot be lifted, and cannot be appealed or discussed. Thanks.


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