Bug about level 56

Hello yesterday night the update version of hero hunters was release and people Now can reach level 60. There was a offer of 300 gold to level up quickly to 56. Unfortunatly, like usual, the update was full of bug and my account was blocked at level 55 until this Morning without any reason. (Look screen and read my xp) The Support, as usual, replies with auto reply of default messages and it’s not possibile that gamers Who spend hours and lot of moneys are not refunded in cases of errors Which compromise their gameplay and not supported. There are also lot of bugs in the count of points in pvp too.
I lost K Of points of pvp points for this bugs.
I lost k of points of experiences for the bug of the level 55

And i think i’m not the only one. Please fix these things and start REFUND when there is a evidence or big issue.

Kind regards

Hi, i had the same problem, now i have reached level 56 but the experience taht i obtained yesterday night was lost

@Videl, I believe the issue was fixed last night at around 7pm PST. If you’re still having issues please contact support through the game, we’ll be better able to assist you there.