Please help/support

I accidentally spent 999 gold on stamina. Is there anyway I can contact support to be reimbursed for my gold? I am not even sure what type of stamina I purchased but I do not want it. I just want my gold back as I was building up for the unlock 10 hero crate. Please help!!

Oof mate, they dont give back gold, tough luck man

that stamina is for the bounty events. at least you should be able to get some nice scores

C’est mort, HH ne fera rien pour toi, mais au moins tu es tranquille pour la chasse

I had that same feeling tho less of the gold spent. I accidentally spent 100 gold on the gold crate while I had 2700 gold but I was too much in a haste, so it took me 3 days to get it back. Same problem, less harm.

You contact support about it as nobody here can do anything.