I need help with Patrol Crate

I did my best, i was top 1 in my Iron Clad guild, my accounts name : OZYMANDIAS. But it said i didnt do any patrol, cant open crate and now i lost it. What happened with the server? Need your help plzzz

That’s the same with all events, if you do not contribute, you get nothing. (but a single patrol should be feasible). It’s the same with Bounty, no attack, no rewards (you did not contribute)

If i didnt do anything, i wont post this. I am top 1 Patrol in my Alli, and i got nothing

1, did the team points accumulate enough to open a patrol crate ? Minimum 50k for bronze crate

2, if the team have achieved that and more than rightfully the team will get the patrol crate. If not, than send a support ticket for their investigation

3, the team power to do each patrol does not translate to patrol points

As far as I know, there is no minimum points for a crate. There is a green crate that awards barely anything, but still gives something.

If he didn’t get any crate at all, he should just contact ingame support. They are the ones with the highest chances to fixing this, which sounds like a bug.

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