I need help!

How do i get krieger since the watch faction is going to be boosted for this update
Anyone please help

Most likely they will have a watch create available, this will hold only watch hero’s gives you a better chance of getting him,save special tokens and gold

Krieger frags can be available in pvp tournaments too

I wish I could give a guaranteed way to earn or grind for him.
The best chances you have at getting Kreiger right now are by buying the rearline crates.
You could also wait for bounties to come out, and with them have a The Watch crate, which also has a very high chance of Kreiger
If you really want him you could create a custom crate with him as the main prize and all the other little prizes. But there’s a new different custom crate coming so I would wait on that
There could also be frags in future pvp events but probably not enough to buy him

The way to get Krieger is to hope to pull him in a hero crate. He’s a good one, but unless you can get his frags through hard missions (which I don’t think you can), it’s going to be a hard pull.

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