Build the best Revenant team

Build the best Revenant team and tell us how it works

Krieger is a must for him. Even when he shoots he triggers those passives. And a lot too. Krieger slows them too. Halo and Kiyoshi are good supports for his damage but you’ll need to watch out for his HP since he dies quickly. Any ally with an early game taunt would do and some proper healing.
I personally used this:
Revenant. Krieger. Callidus. Matador. Venom.
Maybe not the best team. But it worked decently

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Oh I see then I could put him on my main team. Thanks. I never knew those things seriously.

That’s where the community is for. We’ll always back you up!

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Is there any specific skill of Revenant I need to unlock to trigger Krieger’s? Or the basic attack just triggers it?

The basic attack can trigger his passive which in turn triggers krieger’s.

Oh now I know that plat passive

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