Idea for pvp

What about a rematch button when you have finished your match with your random opponent in pvp, often you face people you know and you want a rematch to see if you can beat them then, in some cases when you have been on auto and still want that match to happen, what do you guys think about it?


Good idea… But, worst at the same time… Just like players ruined the taste of real wars & always dependent on truce only… This will also give a chance to players mainly those have alts to farm gems easily(another way to exploit pvps & collect gems) based on the general rule of pvps where winner got their pvp gems as per the kills.


Lazy i don’t think you understand what i’m saying, it’s an idea for a rematch button that both have to agree, for example if i face you in pvp and i have been on autoplay, i press rematch and then you can accept for a rematch so we can play for real for example

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Let me explain with an example. I select team with nearly same power both on my main and alt. If I get matched I keep farming PvP gems. In case a tournament is going on then free points as well. I keep doing this untill and run out heros on first alt and then shift to the second alt. You see where I’m going with this ?


I really liked the idea . One thing that can be done to avoid exploitation of this Rematch option , is to limit it to only one time. You just can’t keep re-matching against the same opponent . Another thing , is to give this option to the player who loses , but we still need agreement from both the players to start the re-match .

I have seen this feature successfully implemented in some other Games .


Rematch Concepts

  • Free play only
  • Available for loosing team
  • limited amount of rematches per player per
    I likeđź‘Ť
    Re-Match up: available for _ times for when being matched with a Ruby VS non-Ruby would be great for co-op PVP tournaments :thinking: ?? Thoughts :eyes:

I like the idea, but I do agree people are gonna abuse it for free points and rewards. Maybe rematches could just be for fun, and whoever won the first match would get the rewards. idk.


Good point, or as said as only 1 rematch

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read what lokesh bishwas said… Thats what i was mentioning bro.Otherwise, its all good… May be if this option comes then,player should not allowed to get rewards on rematch or some deduction of rewards needed & 1 time rematch is must.

Most players r already exploiting pvps & wars. So, this good idea is also good chance for those players(including me also)

I agree that Lokesh has a valid concern. Rematches enable players to get the most rewards out of matches between their alt accounts, and can be a wrench in pvp competitions which would otherwise be randomized.

this seems like something folks would easily exploit and abuse which would make the entire concept of PvP pointless

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Why do we need a rematch option when we can dm duel?

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Just make it so that rematches don’t use hearts and you don’t earn anything from them. Like an easier way to DM duel

So what’s the point in it then. Why would someone do so if they are not getting any rewards. You might want a rematch if you lose. Look it from the perspective of the winner. Would you do a rematch knowing that you won’t get any rewards either you win or lose ? I would rather continue with the tournament than doing some rematch without any rewards.


Imagine you face your best friend, and you lost whilst being on autoplay, you will come back and it says rematch, you press it and get one rematch with same teams

That would probably be a good time to go onto duels then.


Yeah, you are making it sound like Duels but with extra steps.


This is a great idea!

i guess you weren’t around in 2018 when almost match was a rematch 3-4 times. it was very frustrating when the opponent was better than you. and unless you’re jokerahahah or broly then there is always someone better lol. what an epic match broly vs jokerahaha would be!!! but a rematch button sounds like a great idea, only problem is you need both parties to click it. other wise you’d have people spamming players they can easily beat over and over. it’s definitely a good idea if they can work out those kinks. but that’s why they added the duel option, if you wanted to play one specific player. but that doesn’t add any points to the LB. anyway good idea and i hope they find a way to implement it!

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I was already around in beta in 2017, and yes i know what kind of cheese happened there, that has nothing to do with this