What’s the possibility of a forfeit button in PvP?

For those of us that do not min/max, what’s the chance of getting a forfeit match button to use for those that like to take advantage of a broken system?

I know from the team load screen if I’m going to win or at least a chance. So why do you need to waste my time waiting for a match to end when I know there no possible way to win?

It’s min/maxing, I get it and apparently it is hard to fix. So please at least let me opt out instead of punishing me more.


I could vouch for this. Maybe. If you could see the match is one-sided, why see it all the way through?

Winners quit! I’ll pass the idea along, but as it increases the chances of matches being invalidated, I can’t promise the idea will get traction.

I agree, sometimes I use this team:
I usually get a lot of wins using this team, but when I lose my Panzer and Gale; I know I’m losing the match and it will take forever because of those tanks, I like to see a Forfeit button in PvP matches.

I think the only problem for this is that if one team quits in the middle of a match it would probably be VERY infuriating for the other team, unless they dont mind winning by default

This is not feasible for the sole reason of exploitation. If you also start invalidating certain matches to counter the gaining points by resignations then people will also abuse it to avoid facing teams they don’t fare well against, i.e. playing only when 100% sure of their win in matchups.

The devs can probably make this the only option to ever lose something in this game. In nigh every other activity and event, players can make the bare minimum contribution and still gain few rewards. Excessive forfeits or a forfeit that is too early in the match can cause players to “lose” PvP points in events or, if their score is 0, cause them to fall into the negatives.

Way more complicated than you might think. We’re not just changing a 1 to a 0. It would allow exploits I don’t want to call out by name, require significant code work to implement safely, and would encourage a quitting mindset. Like I said, I’ll present the idea, but I’m not confident the other developers will want to take time from other features to give people ways to avoid playing the game. Thanks for the feedback!

I think it’s a terrible idea and shouldn’t even be presented to the rest of the team.

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I think that if they do put a forfeit option the cost should be the hearts you lose if you are playing the match. If your losing hearts and its going to the opponent then its fair. Its just a matter of time not being wasted. Personally i would only use this option when the match is already lost. If my opponent has all 5 and im sitting on 1 or 2 heros and their dying why not just forfeit. But to back out before the match starts with out any cost is just not fair and a waste of time.