If PvP is to be balanced, wouldn't standardizing Hero stats be the first step?

I hope “standardizing” is the correct word, but let me explain. We’ve had many complaints about the min/maxing business, so wouldn’t making Heroes on either PvP team the same stars, bars, and levels be the first step in finding on how to break the meta?

This standardization could do this by allowing brackets that involve only up to a specific Hero rank. There would be a PvP bracket that sets PvP teams to the highest Bronze level (excluding power given by items). There would probably be a PvP bracket that sets PvP teams all the way up to the 10 star, Platinum +5, max skills power. Perhaps maybe one that sets the teams to Green, level 1.

Heroes like an eight star, Platinum Ronin would not be able to boost his Allies health to absurd levels when fighting alongside three to four stars Heroes. Or how an absurdly powerful Dogface would be not be able to wipe the floor with an enemy team that is three to four stars below his power.

Your thoughts? Unless this topic was already posted earlier, then just roast me.

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Sounds good, maybe they can implement this into Drafts or something.