If you could bring one character of choice into HH, who you pick?

This is clearly not a serious “give us these new characters” thread. No one expects Hothead Games to buy Marvel rights and present us the Punisher as a playable character. This is just for fun, and giggles. It’s for us to see what preferences our fellow forumites have, where they come from so to speak, in terms of which games they’ve been playing, what movies they love and what eventually led them to Hero Hunters.
I am sorry this triggered you. You are welcome to flag my original post as inappropriate. For the same reason I am flagging your comment, it’s simply just off topic in here.


So many good ones. For some reason though, Lucy from Elfen Lied popped into my head.

Be interested to see how the “Vectors”, could be implemented. I could see her fitting into the world.

Nah bruh, she OP as fk. Especially at the end of her story.

she would fit in well as a new character then :slight_smile:

The Master Chief from Halo

All of the heroes from Final Fantasy 7.


scorch, titanfall 2.

he has an interesting usage of single-cover temporary shields that can guard/stall wherever it is posted from destruction. he can also utilize an ability like a flamethrower that does lasting damage, or a nuke that could do any amount of damage to enemies upon death.


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