Who is your favorite character so far?

Mine would be…


It’s because I love his design and his silver & gold skills a lot.
I love how his recharge skill kills was a great counter for mandrake in pvp (thanks to the march update)
Also gold skill lets him survive enough to recharge with 25% damage reduction.
I got him to gold+4 today and hopefully we’d get platinum shoulder pads farmable areas on future updates.
Would definitely love to see his platinum skill in action someday.


She’s the best dps character so far in my roster.
Although I don’t really like her active skills that much, but she would be really worthy if I get her to platinum.


He legit became Godface when I got him to 7 star platinum.
Every single one of his skills creates apocalypse in the battle field.
don’t always underestimate a character who starts as 1 star.


I like how he seems to be one of the youngest heroes in the game.
his bazooka and his drone buddy does some trick in the low tier pvp, in my opinion.


Without her, I would’ve never beaten 8-10 3 stars.


Without him, I would’ve never beaten 8-9 3 stars. (I didn’t have Sapphyr)

So who are your favorite characters?
Would definitely love to hear your opinions.

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Fortress - I’m right there with you on Fortress just because of his flare ice hockey mask. Insane!

Prophet - I got prophet through a hero crate. He is so useful at taking out mandrake quickly. He’s got to be up there…

I feel connected to Odachi.
I picked him up the first day I started the game and been using him ever since, in every battle. He’s got sick DPS, his sword slash is sweet and his caltrops - hm, it works. Too bad his gold skill isn’t a priority for me and I’m afraid he’ll fall behind the A team now. But hey, he’ll definitely lead the B team!

Design wise I like Prophet the most. Amazing. And he snipes like a maniac.

@ULFPAM nice.
Odachi is one of the four heroes that I do not own. Hopefully I pull him in the next 10x that I open!

My two favorite heroes currently are Dogface and Sapphyr.

Just one is not enough :slight_smile:

I really like the design, not really the skills, but maybe i’ll get him gold one day.

The first hero that i really really want when i started the game

I don’t have him but I’d like to try him

And Dogface, my main dps, he is so huge, a must have.

I’ve got a few here, and even though not all of these guys are my A team, and one of them I don’t even have, I still love these guys


Crazy dps on this guy, and it’s so much fun to watch enemies panic and run around while on fire from your Molotov, then one of them just happens to step on your improvised bomb. Also, his plat is easy to get to, and solves his glass jaw problem.


I only got him about a week ago, but I’ve been working to get to him for over a month. This guy is severely underrated, as his holos are so useful, serving as extra targets for enemies, insane dps for abberation, and his good skill essentially serves as a shield as long as he has a double active. He’s about half the power of my Prophet, but his dps is just as high, if not higher.


I’m so pissed I don’t have this guy yet. He is the best healer in the game once you get him to plat. His transfusion will instantly heal your entire team back to full health, and his silver allows weaker characters to focus on dps rather than surviving. His good permanently lowers the armor of enemies, and his plat serves as a quick health restoring quite a bit of health EVERY TIME an ally scores a critical hit, and this is made better by the fact that the skill also gives everyone an increased critical hit chance.(This would go well with Caine’s plat too)


Probably didn’t see this one coming, but here she is. This one is interesting, with her survivability and heal block. Siphon and corruption deal quite a bit of damage, and helps to keep her alive will depriving your enemies of the same. However, she doesn’t get really good until you get her gold, where’s she is constantly regaining health, and therefore becomes so annoying to take down due to you having to outpace the speed of her healing. Her plat works as well to to keep her alive.


The dps on this guy is ok, but that’s not why he exists. This guy is here to disrupt the enemy team, and for large amounts of time, considering he can root someone for 20 seconds, or lift them in the air for everyone to be amazed at as the they go after them more aggressively than a day kid after chocolate. Seriously, lifting an opponent seems to be more effective at focusing fire than marking one. His gold helps with his dps a bit, and his plat is there just to help out a random ally. This guy is a support character, through and through.


Only three people have this guy so far, but I want him bad. His skills are all about being a pain to your enemies, but the one I really want to highlight is his sliver, counter measures. A skill that blocks 90% of a single there’s separate times and then silences the opponent that attacked. This is extremely useful against high damage skills, such as fortresses recharge, Prophet’s phantom shot, and Gammond’s kill shot(pre-update). I’m very interested in making this guy a part of my team.

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I love Ghoul. Nothing more fun than throwing his bomb, watching people roll, then throwing a Molotov and watching them catch fire and roll back into the bomb. Priceless.


Mauler! I love that one-two punch his Bronze and Silver skills have. It feels so satisfying to see the health of frontline enemies just melt when you land Subdue.

Mine is Dogface! He have been my favorite since when I started playing over a year ago. Though I still miss his old “fire at will” skill :pensive:. His damage is still crazy good though and I generally prefer snipers.

From a pure aesthetic standpoint Odachi. He reminds me a great deal of a certain character from Overwatch whose design I also like …

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I love Cast. His Bronze and Silver is okay, but once getting Gold, he explodes. 25% damage reduction, HP and damage boost, if he gets attacked. And it just gets worse once he reaches Platinum.
You dont want to attack hi because of his Gold, but you dont want to let him live, because he destroys you rcover like its made out of paper.

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Mine is Clyde because after the latest update, his bronze skill is now op. You just need someone like Cast or Flatline to stun the enemy, use the bronze skill to do massive dmg

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Maven & Kunoichi,
Sexy bunch who can ditch some serious damage and looks good doing it. Really hope to see HH bringing nice skins to them.

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Not in any order:

  • Hardscope: if you can aim, his Gold and Platinum skills allow his Basic attacks to deal more burst damage than Dogface with both his Bronze and Silver skills active. Of course, what’s a magazine with 8 bullets compared to a magazine with 18? Also, his BFG is very satisfying to use, especially when you can connect a headshot with it. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Hardscope is basically Dogface’s protege.
  • Kunoichi: her skills synergize so well with each other. With a Gold Kunoichi: activate Silver to stun a target (with amazing damage, too), activate Bronze for more damage, then her Gold will allow her to do so much damage to that stunned target. She can be deleted by a Biochem Hero really fast but she can also delete Biochem Heroes just as fast. You should see how well she does Vs. an energy Hero: that blue square goes disappears in an instant if you can get her skills activated right.
  • Operator: more for sentimental value. His Bronze skill used to have the fastest single target healing out of all the Heroes. You can have an Energy Hero dispense all of their attacks on a Biochem Hero, and Operator would be able to save them in an instant. With his past healing rate, he can save even the most healthy of Heroes back to full, even when they are being hammered by the entire enemy team.

  • Now, he’s just there as target practice. Even Sentry’s Silver skill heals just as fast as Operator’s Restoration now, so that’s a shame.

  • Sentry: as much as I hate to admit it, he’s basically a mini-Prophet. I still have use for him though: my current Sentry can deal 110k Energy damage with his Bronze. He can basically delete a Biochem with that skill. Plus, his Gold has the potential to stagger-lock a target, especially when you can stagger-lock a powerful healer like Heimlock.
  • Halloway and Hivemind: both are in the same spot for the same reason. They got holograms and drones, respectively! I’ve played against a PvP team with both of them on their at one point; I made the mistake of leaving them alone to deploy their automations. I ended up having to fight how many people on the other side of the arena. It was nuts.

  • Halloway’s Silver skill is crazy when you’ve got all three holograms out. He basically becomes Sentry, but times three.

  • That’s the only thing they’re good for though. Without their helpers, they’re just as much target practice as Operator. They do pair well with Butter though: he shields everyone, including the drones.


I got Kunoichi and Hardscope at 6* Gold.
If I were to evolve one of them to 7* and promote to Playing, who wouldn’t you recommend first?

Who I wouldn’t recommend? Kunoichi.
Go for Kunoichi for damage, go for Hardscope for even more damage.

Edit: honestly, they are both on the same tier for me. Do a coin toss.

Odachi, ninja, can dance around like no one, shoots quick, good damage, what do you need more

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My favorite heroes are: Surge, those skills to immobilize and also the design of the hero. Chesterfield, in fact, because of the same thing that arises XD. Although I would like to have more opportunities to use them in pvp, but against the current goals (dps and 4 healers), both die quickly.

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I like Hideo, because he’s a ninja, and so am I.


Seems we both like ninjas