What Hero Hunter are you?

Just for the fun of it, what hero do you relate/identify/connect with the most? (Based on Character design, skills, role functionality, etc.)

Mine is Moss; I like that he needs to sacrifice his own health to save his team, displaying an act of selflessness. I would be that kind of hero if I had to choose, him or Hivemind.

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Savage, because he is a fatto and basically no one thinks of him as an important and good asset.

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Generally pretty useless with a massively inflated sense of power.



She’s a gambling hero. High-risk, with a potentially high-reward if utilized right. I like making risky bets

-Very Unpredictable skillset, but packs a punch

Kaishi. Asian male supermodel.

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Colonel Wesson, the evil mastermind who tricked all players in the beginning to lay all faults on Kurtz.

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  • Staying undetectable while picking off people one by one.
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  • When I’m doing something, I will do it just fine, but when I get the right tools (example: Dogface’s bronze & sliver skill together) nothing can stop me.
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Big, strong, ready to anything and have all powers to defeat anyone. With awesome brothers at arms. :slight_smile:

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I see your point but Yanlong can’t really defeat anyone, he’s very poor at that.

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Lemme tell you a short story on how I faced off Yanlong, 5 days ago…
So, this Yanlong had all of his Dig In charges in, and all my Cinder did to him was 100 dmg per shot. Also, the silver heals, so he is basically undefeatable. Also, that team had Keel and Surge, so they rooted my Halloway down, and that went great when the Siege Break dropped on him.
Short story, I was wrecked.

Mandrake !!

I would like to cloaks myself to move unseen…and keep moving…
To the right and right , right again… and to the left, left , then to the right again… and left again… left left right left right left right right right right left left right left right left right…

damnn…!!! I will not stop !!

Left right left right left left right left

I can do this all day !! Keep moving !! Left left right right left right left…
now im getting tired !! STOPPP !!! Aim… and BAAAAANNGG !!! Enemy down!! Bye bye !!

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I love guys like you. This is easy points for me. If hero don’t have stun I defeat enemy even if Yanlong in 1 vs 3 situation. Yep, Yanlong may be killed, but nobody in this game don’t live forever.

Brogan, we’re both big, tall, bearded and lunatics.

Sounds like I must dust my Yanlong off and take him into battle for a bit!

I like Hardscope. Has his own drone, a fast firing but also accurate when fired slowly sniper, and a bazooka.
I also like Galante but he is still a bit too useless, although the new update makes him super fun to play