If YOU could have a hero their powers/skills

If you could have one hero their powers/skills, which ones would it be?

  • It could arrange from having Cast his armor all the way to having Alvarez his stunning abilities for example.
  • You can choose multiple if you want, a top 3 max.

My personal ones are:
-Artemis, I love bows in video games, and then to be able to have infinite arrows, incredible aim and a giant bow, AWESOME!

-Marianas, I love thunder and rain, and all kinds of bad weathers, would be awesome if i could summon them out of nowhere!

-Matador, He has a giant chainsaw machine gun, and he has a sombrero on one of his rare skins, who doesn’t want a sombrero?

Comment yours below! :arrow_down:


4-cep. Just a machine wandering from job to job, war to war, endlessly. Actually sounds kinda nice.


1 ) Sapphyr - Yeah, I know, big shocker. Turning invisible would not only be fun, but would be super cool and interesting. Also… I mean… who wouldn’t want Rift Blades?

2 ) Anvil - Two words. Arc Blast. Shooting a giant beam from your shoulder would be awesome. :wink:


If you’d still have a sort brain, you’d probably get trauma’s or something, but it would indeed be cool to just wander around, never dying, using whatever you find to enhance yourself

I was thinking about anvil to! Just a giant beam, but i preffered the sombrero over him, the power is to great!! And i have to agree on sapphyr to, would be awesome to be a shadow agent!

Halloway - I could make dupes of myself and hangout with me during quarantine …also i could have my own personal servant…me…also shooting light sounds pretty cool
Mandrake - becoming invis forever and running would be useful wouldnt it…especially in school…
Galante - shooting 40 rockets at once…dang

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It would indeed be awesome to create me’s, and just hang around with myself, i could work out with myself, myself could hand me my water and take over my weights in case something goes wrong, or read a book for me, and with mandrake, being able to just spring around school or elsewhere whilst no one sees you, awesome!!

Mmm Pris… she is a really good kisser🤭… making men dizzy from a distance …


(1)Ronin: Saving weak & needy ones by giving them health to survive( strengthening them) and also become more powerful .
As I think "Strong alone & unstoppable together)
So,Ronin is my favourite & the most important reason is lie inside the history of Ronin…
(if you have some free time then, i’ll suggest you guys to study about ronin…

(2)Bucket:We all know how awesome she is…
As per the game… I know different players have different opinions on best healers…but, as per my experience her healing ability is best,the amout of health she supplies to all allies is huge.

(3)Kurtz:All lives matters :sweat_smile:
Have a great day

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Moss, strangely enough. I love the idea of a medic who sacrifices his own health for his allies, and is called a “sickly grim reaper” despite being the opposite of that.

Second choices would be Hivemind/Striker, since I love the idea of controlling a drone army to inhibit and attack the enemy.


Kurtz’s Dominate and Execute, so that i can rekt all of you in real life. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I hate to disappoint your combinations, but I’ll be the ULTIMATE BEING.
I’ll take:

Cast, with his huge armor, I would resist the highest damage.

Fortress, more precisely his pre-nerf ability [Recharge], refill my health and fulminate whoever is around me.

and Serial with [Iridium Reactive Armor] because yes.

So… I have a huge armor, I can regain health and I shock those around me, I become immortal indefinitely and in the end I shoot a gigantic attack.


I’d lowkey wanna be Sentry with the disappearing ability and all.

Also I’d wanna Spartan kick people like Fischer.

I also forgot I would like Holoway’s Holo Double ability too. The more the merrier, right?


Mandrake like good medicine give some chance for save life and neck round invisible shooter…