Improve PVP disconnects?

Can you guys please try to improve the PVP connection? It’s pretty annoying when you use what you consider your best/favorite team, only to disconnect as soon or right before the match starts. 20% of the time I get to successfully connect, the other 80% is either NOT being able to altogether, OR joining but just getting a stupid stuck screen with my abilities not working (there’s some construction/hazard icon showing instead of the abilities). It hasn’t improved AT ALL since I started playing this game around 4 months ago. We can’t even get into the game until the match is over.

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I think same way. Also you have to do something about the automatic matching. It could not be possible to fight against players with 3 or 5 thousands difference of power. If my team is 30 thousand powerful at least I can fight against a team of 31 or 32 thousands of power, but 35 - 37 ? Are you insane?

(Sorry for deviating the topic a bit, in advance)

Is your team balanced? I think that you get “punished” by fighting stronger teams if your stronger hero has a lot of power more than your weaker hero. This seems to be done to avoid teams with 1 plat 10* hero with a bunch of low level heroes.

My PvP team uses a 8.1k power Drake with a 4.2k Nightingale and I usually get paired against enemies with more power (if I get matched against someone with similar power, their team isn’t balanced, aswell)

When I use my second team (Strongest has 7.7k, weakest has 6.6k) enemy team is around my power, or lower (again, if their team is not balanced)

It could be totally coincidental, but I guess its a feature to avoid matchmaking abuse, to some degree

Now, going back to the topic of this post, I’ve also experienced a lot of times those construction barrier icons after restarting when the game freezes on the start (which is a pain). Usually restarting the game a second time fixes it. The problem is, by the time Im back, the match is already finished. There is either one guy alive in my team, or the enemy team. So yeah, I basically missed the whole battle, and any chances to make a difference in it :confused:

Hi Digdoug. I PvP quite a lot but almost never have any problems connecting. I got disconnected maybe 2 times in the past month during which I literally played thousands of matches. I mention this because it is most likely not a server issue on HHG’s end. For reference I am playing from Asia. It could be that your country has a poor connection to the server. I don’t know if someone has and can share the server IP address but if you can find this out you should try a ping.

Also I agree with GTSaiko. If there is a big disparity between the power levels of heroes on your team then this greatly increases the odds that you will face teams with a sizable power advantage over you.

When matched in PVP and disconnected, I usually get message for the result. It is mostly frustrating. Some combination requires input from player for best result. When disconnected, there is high chance for losing. I know it is for preventing exploits from quitting a game. But losing for the match that should have been won : that’s the problem.

Hello Skoram, i’m in the US, so if there’s a connection problem in the US, than this is a bigger problem than just me. I play other games just fine without ANY disconnects and our connection is great here. A friend of mine has the exact same issue, he has an iOS device, while I have Android.

Regarding the power discrepancies, I still see the same uneven matches coming up. If the algorithm is based on power levels like you say, then there’s the problem of low level characters who are Gold/Plat. they can have the same power as a high level Silver 3+, and I don’t think the higher level makes up for the additional Gold/Plat ability gained. Even just today my 4 gold 1 silver team went up against a 3 gold 2 plat team. My teams are pretty balanced in general. Granted I win sometimes due to the AI being dumb, but yeah…

that is quite strange then. it could be that issues occur more frequently during peak times in the US. or it could be an issue with your service provider. I specifically live in Korea, and can say that Korean internet absolutely blows US internet out of the water. Whenever I travel to the US, dealing with the incredibly slow internet speeds is very frustrating.

I had about 85% disconnect rate in pvp, co-op, and sometimes hunts, but this patch reduced it to near 0. Maybe twice so far, but it never rendered the first frame partially the way it did before.

I feel your pain about the PvP disadvantage; the only team that would always be alive when I reconnected was 5 healers. Now that flatline has arrived to kill PvP, this is going to be stupidly effective. You guys had better hope I don’t get her.

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