PvP is broken

dear developers. I ask you to pay attention to the situation in pvp mode. very often against you come across opponents with power at 10-20k more than yours. of course it is impossible to defeat such an opponent.

@11122, it would be good if you can post 1 or 2 screen caps of your matches for the devs to see.

Are you using a balanced team? Like not using 13k and 6k hero’s together?

And a screen will be nice, so we can figure out what is going on

I support the Dev’s objective of removing smurfing techniques but their current approach is bad.

In June they temporarily (maybe accidentally) allowed players to see their “matchmaking” power while their team was searching/loading a PvP match. I suggested in VIP chat that they make it more obvious to players why their number changed during loading - and a Dev said they were looking at it. Instead, they took the opposite approach and re-hid the matchmaking number. The Devs have also stated since then that they don’t want people to know this number because it will let them “game” the system.

All that means is that countless players are punished in matchmaking for some unexplained reason. For every 1 player who was underleveling skills (like stun and other status effect skills that don’t scale well) to smurf easy PVP wins, you’ve got 20 players who are being handed pretty unfair matches because skills are legit underleveled (one of the reason I complained about the cash system in the Feedback forum, its impossible to actually keep all our skills leveled).

I hate smurfs but HHG can do better than keeping the entire community in the dark about matchmaking. It really shouldn’t be that hard to refactor the power system so that it accurately reflects a hero’s power so that you don’t have to resort to behind-the-scenes trickery to prevent abuse (and abuse still happens anyway, it just takes a little more effort for players to figure out what gives them the best chances in matchmaking).

To the OP: Currently the only way you will see big differences in power are because you have some heroes who are MUCH MUCH stronger than the others or because you have underleveled skills on one or more heroes. There are other factors but like I said, they’re hidden so maybe there are other systems that will penalize you - I don’t know.


Couldn’t have said it any better.

I get disconnected almost every game since a week

I wanted to wait this post out, I was reading what you said and I agreed with a lot of things you said, I understand some power calculations are hard, but I think we need to lower some hero’s power, cast as an example is way to high, reason I replied is my last fight, it grinded my gears.

I know I won, that’s not the point, why do I match 7k difference with a balanced team, while others face 10k lower with a 10* platinum dogface and 4 random crappy silver hero’s?

power balance is broken more then ever, I wanted to wait to reply but then I got this fight in 10 seconds after reading your post, I just thought I can’t wait this is insane

My next fight…

Only thing my team did was rolling around…

So my previous fight I get punished for no reason, next fight a player using a of team is getting help, more power, and my team just rolls around?


P.s. I had a good winning streak going yesterday, then I face the same player 5x in a row with a stronger team and the perfect counter to my team, I really want to know why we get punished

So when I start to use an off team I get a match like this

I don’t know why one hero gets a better result then the other

I run normal teams, when I break power I get a stronger opponent, but I get this to much

This isn’t whining, I want to even pvp again for everyone, I don’t mind losing a match, but right now I’m going to misuse this system, done with even teams

I don’t get it anymore

@krat Hahaha nice razor and mandrake. Invicible at gold level heh?
Roflmao must have slaughter a lot of innocent player.

Well the bright side to your plight is that you are max level facing other max level players. My current situation that makes pvp bad is I’m in a bracket that caps at level 59 and I’m facing people 21 and 22 levels higher nearly daily. And it’s always that one guy running 1 guy basically maxed to level with 5 low silver and bronze geared toons. So personally I feel if they truly cared to fix matchmaking they would start with keeping players in their own level brackets.

2F34AAB6-A30D-4502-95D3-22B236C91177 bc this moment happened to be next fight… the guy is only 2k power higher… characters were only 17 levels higher and team level was only 22 levels higher. Why are people in different pvp brackets based on levels constantly being paired to one another?

What is broken? Power calculation.

Why is it broken? Because people are cheesing the power calculations.

How are they doing it? By not increasing useless skills or farming stars, staying at a certain level.

How did the devs react? Tweak the power calculation.

But is it the root cause of the issue? No.

Where should they have focused? Ensuring that people level-up accordingly. Putting stop gaps, gear levels requirement to level up the skills or skill requirements to reach a certain color or star level. These are practices already in other games that ensures we don’t see these type of abuse.

I dont know. Again, with each passing update. We can see that the devs have near to nothing insight. It’s all trial and error interventions.

Dont go all salty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Is still playable :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Vo2, it is , just not going to use a balanced team anymore


@Vo2, btw, only reason I didn’t plat mandrake and razor is because of the power penalty, and I thought the Platinum skill wasn’t worth it, don’t say I slaughter innocent players, especially after a whole month of halo abuse and a broken Oracle, if you can’t talk normal or discuss as a slightly grown up person don’t comment anymore please

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As always an explanation to a sorry situation.
Trying so very hard to be morally right and justifiable the last 24hrs lol only to show your true face now. Knowing it has gone viral, you choose to be the villain and take advantage of others while you still can. I really disgust whats left in you lol Commander my ass.

@Vo2, sorry situation? Morally right? Justifiable? Viral? Villain? Taking advantage of others while is still can?

Just ignore that troll. He is just projecting himself. He is the one who abuses the system with Dogface and 4 silvers and says he does because ‘gold farmers don’t want to grow up’. He abuses matchmaking and makes up shit to be morally right, as if he were a vigilante

He acts as if everyone who has gold heroes is because they don’t want to use Plat heroes.

Apparently upgrading a hero to plat could be done in a few hours.

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