Fix Pvp matchmaking!

If you call this a fair fight!?
Here are some evidence. Even though I have destroyed them.

It might be pushing the power difference, but to be honest your team comp seems similar to your opponents.


In most cases there’s less than a 10% difference in total team power, so I agree with Vintermyst. Plus your heroes’ power levels are more widely distributed than your opponents’. I don’t know exactly how the matchmaking works but I believe is punishes you for having what the algorithm considers “unbalanced” teams.

There’s a difference in your team, result in you facing those higher level teams.
So quoting @Vintermyst, “I don’t see the problem here” .

Dupe topic! This has been covered multiple times. Your team is unbalanced, so you’re being served unbalanced matchups. Shore up the power gap for better results.