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Hey Ryker!

I have good news and bad news! The good news is that you were right: that brand new crater on the outskirts of town is a result of a battle between KLG loyalists and that unknown kill squad you asked me to help track.

I guess a thing going boom and creating a crater doesn’t qualify as good news. So, we’ll call that bad news.

The other bad news is that we still don’t know which Faction the kill squad is affiliated with. Oh, worse news! Whoever they are, they’re carrying heavy weaponry like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

And yes, I maintain that it’s a squad. There’s no way it’s one person, like the rumors say. It’s just not possible for one person to cause that much destruction.

Stay tuned for more updates! I’ll check in next week with my findings.



Thanks for the update Min. This definitely doesn’t sound like your everyday KLG patrol. We need to get to the bottom of this.

Stay safe, and keep us informed of any new information or leads you may come across.

  • Jado

Well I guess this is going to be the 100th hero build up, 1 new message a week as the hero is around 3 weeks away.


Stop right there @Min!
it is too dangerous to go, their eyes are all over the place and they are watching us even now!
Close the conversation, stop everything and disappear…they are already on the move.
Listen to me for once, DON’T DO THE HERO!


Petition to make a movie on HH


Looks like they are giving us hint of new hero or probably the 100th hero with his own new faction


mmmm interesting…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Huge crater… full assault squad. Enemy that hatred the KLG enough to leave a smoldering crater… genuinely stumped. Though based on this part it seems to be a high damage hero. If they took out a full squad they’d also have to be a tank… perplexing.


Interesting. Hope next time we get a MIN-imalist outline of the hero. Give us an idea of who or what this death squad thing is.


@Min, do you copy? This is Vintermyst reporting.

My squad reported strange activity in the outskirts of the city. Just after the explosion, several Rangers were reported to have been fleeing the origin of the blast. They were identified to be operatives Astrix and Marlowe, with looks of horror on their faces. This is disconcerting behavior coming from them.

We are keeping a keen eye on the situation, and will send you further updates should the situation develop.

𝙲𝚘-𝚃𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚜𝚖𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚘 @J_A_D_O:
I need more information from the Patriots regarding this tech, and who was present at the time of detonation. Send Sapphyr to examine the crater for any traces of new tech, and please inform me of her findings.



She seems upset…and she is japanese!

We don’t know what she knows… and they’re coming…

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So at this point we are a bit of Sergeant Schultz (some might now the reference)


I read you loud an clear @Vintermyst.

After careful examination of the blast radius, were still unsure of what could have caused such destruction. Sapphyr, accompanied by Surge, came to the conclusion that the weaponry that caused this, is far more advanced then any Patriot tech that is currently in use.

I’ve sent Sapphyr on a mission to follow this “kill squad”, and to find out anything she can about them. Surge is currently running numerous tests on this newly formed crater. When, and if any new leads are discovered, I’ll let you know.

@CptLappo, The Magistrates have a better arsenal when it comes to weapons. Have they seen anything like this before? Maybe Alcatraz could be of some assistance in locating this “kill squad”.

Stay strong,

  • Jado

No more research, it’s too dangerous.
Retreat to your territories and prepare defenses.

@Vintermyst Place all available traps everywhere, even in cold spots and barricade yourself.

do not try to attack them, surprise attacks or chemical warfare… I suspect who they are, then we are in big trouble.

  • Cpt. Lappo

@CptLappo I copy you sir. I agree that the mist is closing in on us. The war is coming. The portals are opening and the clash is happening.

muffled radio cracks dies out


I copy you Captain Lappo, we will fortify the Skyscraper and secure our positions. The operatives Blackwell and Madigan are keeping patrol, so we will ensure that we are not snuck up upon. Jado thank you for your update, we will keep the comms open.

Vinter over and out.



Hopefully a brand new faction with new hero’s.