Leaked Patriot Communications

Attention All Patriots,

Serial has requested that I brief the upper ranks of the Faction on his behalf, as he feels that any time spent “hammering on a keyboard” would be better spent driving our campaign to unite the city.

First off, I want to dispel any rumors that I am somehow behind the new Heronium signatures we’ve detected within key areas of the city. Yes, I was created to perform miraculous feats that many would consider unnatural. And yes, I did bend reality to activate dormant gateways to another world, a strategy many high-ranking Patriots were against. That being said, it’s foolish to assume I’m behind every strange occurrence that befalls this city. Anyone who has a problem with my methods is free to confront me in person.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what we know:

The Heronium signatures we’ve detected are distinct, and don’t resemble any of the variants we’ve encountered before. The two signatures seem polarized, as well. Exposing traces of one to the other causes a violent reaction. Suffice to say, these new sources of power would be of great aid in our quest to unite the city. We must track down the sources, secure samples for further study, and take measures to prevent them from falling into the hands of the lesser Factions.

This is our focus, effective immediately. An order given by me is an order from Serial himself, so I expect full compliance and discretion in this matter. If the other Factions gain word of these new sources of power, they may have the capacity to stand against us. Ensure all communications regarding this investigation are kept encrypted and confidential.

I look forward to immediate results.



Faction “Gamers” at your service! :video_game:

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Aye Aye Fiber! Us players are at your service!

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Waiting to execute… certain orders.

did you call me a-a patriot you think i will listen? why should i? will you offer me something more or will you listen to my offer?

They don’t know that i know what they know


Fiber, if you’re reading this, your help isn’t enough in Extreme missions. We need reinforcements.


MK.2 battalion online. Awaiting further orders.

Fiber, if you can read this. I spent 5k gold to get you but I still wasn’t able.


LOL I need a lot of help lol

In this day & age, this read is too surreal (signatures, variants, samples to further study)

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