The Message Clues

So these are the clues i took from Mins intercepted messages 1-4 to give us a clue about the new hero.

  1. We know that there is an unknown faction of a sort of “kill squad” who has some heavy weaponry. We know they made a crater in their fight, so it could be something like a bomb or something else. Could be multiple characters or could be like hivemind, just different little bots that carry heavy power (again just a thought, could be multiple people in the faction

  2. A single person is hitting multiple locations. So to me, this sounds like a hired mercinary. Someone who will get the job done, as long as they get payed. Mercs usually dont care who is on the other side of the gun. they hit hard, complete the task and get payed and they are gone.

  3. So with the traces of Heronium found in the crater, we can say this mystery guy will have a warhead of some sort as an attack. but it being a strong attack, maybe its a last resort kind of thing.

  4. lastly, this is a very dangerous character. like one of those raid bosses you fight in game that can kick your ass because you are so underpowered.

So my take is that this is some sort of raid boss. Can it be a strong little hero? sure.

What are your takes on the messages. remember, the reveal happens tomorrow. So keep your eyes out.


Thank you a lot for making this post, i had the idea of doing it but you spare me an ass😁
My personal take is that it is a tank that looks like a boss, behaves like a boss, but caaaan stil be beaten

I imagine it’s a mech, counter to Mari teams, with skills we haven’t seen yet and includes an explosive silver skill.


It should also be noted that, as an obtainable character, it likely won’t be a full-sized gorgon, but I hope it’s gonna be bigger than the large heroes like Matador and Galante.

I’m anticipating this is gonna be a large 7star Energy hero from a mysterious; extremist new faction (or is a mercenary).

I also believe that this hero’s attack is going to be dangerous to it’s allies, considering that the attacks leave everyone around it devastated. Think Oro but more powerful and damages allies as well.

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So, if this hero is the counter for Mari then it’s not necessary to nerf Mari… Lol

And maybe because he’s the 100th heroes, he could be above 7* at release…
But hopefully, everyone could get him before HH released the #101st hero…


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