Introduction of a long boye

Hey there. I’m a student that’s just recently properly picked up things like Blender and Maya. I’ve really been enjoying the game so far, although that’s sadly been limited by the stamina mechanic (not surprised).
I really love the design of the Kurtz characters, specifically Operator. I was wondering if maybe you guys could release a reference for and/or the models themselves, so I could maybe do something snazzy in the future and maybe do something cool with the models such as hook them up for VRChat or something else like that.
Regardless, I love the game and think you guys have done really well so far, however I think the realms of mobile gaming are limiting and that maybe you guys should look to expanding your horizons in the future, should HH be a success.
Thanks for reading, I look forward to hopefully getting Operator to 10* before my other heroes.


I feel the same as you…the character designs are crazy cool! If I had enough time to work in Blender, I’d definitely take inspiration from them (do as much of that while you’re a student, btw, and pull as many late-nighters as you can while you’re young). And yeah, it’s too bad there isn’t a premium game with all of these characters in it.

On a related note, I wonder if there’s a main art director or modeler for Hero Hunters who has other work with a similar style…?