What if they made hero hunters 2!

I don’t know I just had a thought because now that finish story mode I feel like there should more to it you know.Also they should add more game modes like free for all where basically 4-5 people can play at the same time and they are only allowed to have three heroes
And the reward can be 20-30 gold or stamina or even win tickets
I don’t know this just randomly pop in to my head
Sorry .-.

and what if they work on another game. same formula as HH, but with a Fantasy twist. :wink:


I like where this is going,what’s the twist though?

the twist being the fantasy part. so like instead of guns you have swords, magic, bow/arrow and creatures as your characters

I saw a gameplay video on Youtube and gotta say I’m not impressed. I mean I bet it’ll be fun for many people but the melee combat looked nothing but clunky.

Whut? Where did you see this?

Nvm, Google is your best friend

I tried the game and I have to say that using just 1 melee hero was hilarious. Instead of swarming him, melee enemies would patiently wait in line for their turn to 1vs1 your tank. Which made them sitting ducks for the 4 ranged heroes.

I just hope this doesn’t interfere with the hero hunters development

Agree. Very much agree!
They should just merge the games into one helluvva mess.

New event:

Dimensional portals have opened all around the city. Go there and unlock your new fantasy-like heroes.

Once you get them, bring swords and bows to fight cyber ninjas, robots, advanced technology, and a grumpy grandpa.

I would totally play that

i still have the game and did like the fantasy theme, but things need working on. icons, enemies, etc. i could go through all levels that are available with the bow/arrow guy and hold down the shoot button. the auto lock on made it kinda boring while the healer dies quickly.

If I’m not mistaken the game is still in a testing stage, right? Or is it launched for real?

Most of that games resources are placeholders. If you set your device to spanish (effectively changing the game’s language), you will see that all the skill names are the same as Hero Hunters’. The starting guy with the bow is even called Ryker in chapter 1 dialogues

ULFPAM, its a somewhat close test where only a handful of people can download it.

i believe it is still in the “alpha” stage. only available in few countries and on Android. not much you can do in game, just the first 2 chapters. the rest isnt available. but you get a brief concept of its potential

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They already working on it
And there is alot of similar characters

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Yeah I just played the game

I’m sure it will be better once they work out the issues and stuff. Or it might suck, idk.

Personally, I would like to see some less “humanized” heroes in this game.
Do they all have to be humans and robots?

You mean more animals?


I thin poobgloob means elves, demons, skogsra, dwarves, lolis, giants, lizman, liches, spirits, trents.

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