Anyone know what engine this game is running

I would love to make character animations or create new concepts

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Hero Hunters runs on Ballistic, Hothead’s proprietary engine.


is there any realistic way an average person could use it?

Sorry, no. Proprietary engines aren’t available for public use, generally, and there’s nothing on the market currently that’s comparable in terms of compatibility. We don’t have a licensing program in place.

We make our models the same way everyone else does, though, with Zbrush, Maya, and Substance Painter, before they’re scripted into Ballistic. If you want to make your own concepts for fun, I would start there.


can i use blender? i know they are similar im just wondering about any specific features you guy would use

Yep, Blender is also a thing. I don’t work in art, so I’m just going by what I’ve seen. We have specific skeleton rigs we use, but unfortunately, those aren’t available either.


I like the idea of having someone make animations and that kind of stuff as fanart

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