Irezumi's Plat

As I don’t see any topics being talked about it, I honestly see Irezumi as a decent hero but I feel fustrated when I try to get her plat to improve her performance in a fight, that Irezumi needs to kill the target in order to gain a stack of her plat. Carabina I believe has a good system of marking as the target just needs to die no matter who killed them and everyone gains a stack.
I can see why it has to be specifically Irezumi to be balanced as Cara’s skill focus on team support compared to Irezumi only making herself stronger and more viable as a glass cannon with her fragile health

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I thought of it as shivs buff but I guess you arent limited to who you mark with shiv, was pretty sweet in bounty at least.

A faster cast point on the bronze would maybe be nice so you can mark more people?

Def. a faster bronze cast could help her as she can quickly start shooting the target afterwards, but I believe adding “by” to her description can help avoid confusion that may happen with other people, I also believe they changed Shiv’s prison riot description to specify that she needs to kill a target, showing that there was confusion previously as well

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I don’t think she needs to kill the target to gain the buff.
It just says “whenever an enemy inflicted with ‘Lethal Dose’ (or ‘Ink Cloud’) is killed” that she will get the buff.
It doesn’t say that she needs to kill the target that is inflicted with ‘Lethal Dose’ or ‘Ink Cloud’.

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Have you even tried her? She needs to land the final blow on an enemy with her bronze yet if someone else kills them, she doesn’t get any stacks of her reload buff nor attack increase
I also tried her out in dojo, around 9:58, I can confirm that she needs to kill the enemy, I used her bronze and just let someone else kill the enemy and it didn’t give her buff I then inked an opponent and killed them, and got the dps and reload buff
My apologizes to who matched up with me, but I need to do it in the name of research

Ryker getting inflicted with Ire’s bronze and having someone else kill him doesn’t give irezumi her plat


I’ve tried all morning to reproduce what you’re reporting, but so far, everything is causing Irezumi’s Platinum to trigger correctly. Ally bullets, ticks from Lethal Dose, even instant death from no source in particular.

In the above screen, Ryker has just died, but it sometimes takes up to 3-5 seconds for the UI icon to appear and zip to appear under the affected Hero, so we can’t confirm if it stacked or not after the screen was taken.

We’ll keep an eye out, but so far, everything looks nominal, unless you’ve discovered an incredibly specific edge case.

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So what, am I just really unlucky, as I also can’t get Heckler’s tally to even work once for the past year as well.
I would also have confirmed if it gave her plat but it didn’t for the whole match, as she never gets her reload buff nor dmg buff(along side Surge’s support)
I wouldn’t suppose but it is pretty fustrating that my Heckler dies easily in coops as he can’t heal from his plat and Irezumi needs to secure the kill to gain her buffs, it does leave me at a disadvantage in fights if this is only happening to me

I’ll elaborate. To be clear: your game isn’t “bugged” or different from anyone else’s, nobody’s out to get you, and nobody’s discounting your experiences.

An edge case is a set of unintended conditions that isn’t readily reproducible or apparent. The example I always like to use is that old anecdote about a family whose car wasn’t starting when they chose a specific flavor of ice cream at the corner store over another.

An engineer eventually worked out that when the family got one flavor, they were getting it from the front of the store. Other flavors were in the back, and took longer to get to. The time it took to get the ice cream was a factor in whether vapor lock was happening in the engine.

There could be something specific you’re doing or something specific that’s happening in those cases. Nothing that’s your fault, and nothing specific to you, though. You might be encountering a set of conditions that trigger a problem more often than someone else, due to sheer probability.

I’m not calling you a liar or discounting what you’re saying at all. I’m saying we can’t reproduce the situation you’re seeing (likely because of another variable that’s different from our exact situation to the random chaos of battle you’re engaged in), the screens don’t exactly show the problem (which is just unfortunate), and we’ll keep an eye out.

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Didn’t see this thread already started so I’m late to the party. I’ve had the same issues with irezumi’s plat not activating unless I kill the affected hero with irezumi. I’m just looking for a solution or is it supposed to be that way. I’ll try to delete my game and reinstall I don’t know if that’ll fix anything. I’ve attached photos to hopefully help. The first one is showing vanguard with her bronze skill on him the 2nd shows him dying by someone else and the 3rd I waited 20 seconds in to the 2nd wave to who irezumi’s plat skill not activated. I just want to figure out what I’m doing wrong since for everyone else it’s working as written.

I’ve had the same results as well. Over the last couple days I would test her with the co-ops. The only times I would receive the buff was when I landed the killing blow on the enemy. If I didn’t shoot anyone and only used her skills, I would have zero buffs, only time I could get a buff is if I landed the final damage on the enemy.

Just want to add a bit of an update, it appears there is an edge case here and a fix is coming :slight_smile:


Thank you much appreciated.

Thanks you very much!

Does anyone have an issue where they use Irezumi and she empties her clip you can’t reload. She can move and use skills but can’t reload. I don’t know the conditions that make it happen but it’s happened on helios and gorgon.

Just touching base with you, is this fix coming with this patch?

Yepp! It is in today’s update

Thank you! Working as intended!

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