Hero Spotlight: Irezumi

Icon_ElementBio IREZUMI

Faction_ColorIcon PEOPLE’S GUARD

Irezumi, the Deadly Ink Master, joins the Hunt! Turning her venomous tattoo ink on her opponents, Irezumi excels in powerful Damage Over Time and debuff Skills that leave enemy teams in shambles.

Primary Weapon - Horimono Pistol

Skills Header

Lethal Dose

Bronze Ability


Irezumi injects the target with a lethal toxin, giving them a charge of Lethal Dose. For each charge of Lethal Dose, the target takes Elemental Damage per second. Up to five charges can be active on a single target. Effect lasts until the end of the mission, or the target dies.

Ink Cloud

Silver Ability


Irezumi tosses a flask of ink that shatters on impact, dealing Damage to all enemies in the targeted area with a 50% chance to Disorient and a 50% chance to Silence each target for 5 seconds.

Toxic Ink

Gold Ability - Passive Skill


Whenever an enemy is damaged by Ink Cloud, they get a charge of Lethal Dose and take additional Elemental Damage per second.

Ink Master

Platinum Ability - Passive Skill


Whenever an enemy inflicted with Lethal Dose is killed, Irezumi improves her Elemental weapon damage. Additionally, when an enemy affected by Ink Cloud is killed, Irezumi gains Weapon Fire Rate and improved Reload Time. This effect lasts until the end of the mission, or when Irezumi dies, and can be stacked to a maximum of 5 charges.

How can I get Irezumi?!

Crate raid

Irezumi will be available through Crates and Co-op Raids!

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Oh boy she’s a chem Shiv with debuffs, can’t wait to recruit her and why no magis?

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Can’t wait to use her! She looks like a beast but People’s guard is a bit overcrowded at this point don’t y’all think? Magistrates need some love, they have all but retired and Doface has died of old age by now


100% way too many PG heroes but she seemes interesting. That collar tho lol


Nice style! Good job HH :+1::+1::+1:
…means PGuard is next fraction…?!

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That’s not even a question, it 100% means pg

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Who said People’s Guard is the only faction??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Skathi if the next person not magis, I will cry

Bring the Magistrates out of retirement!


Nice design on the false row of Shivs. Excellent that is Bio, but why this fury on the ppl guard??? Is it possible to know if it is a front, rear or 2line?

She looks interesting to say the least, like a Shivs meets Maven. I highly doubt those pants would really stay up like that though.


She has a strangely long torso too, bit like an enderman


Please create hero who has magic. I’m waiting for that one. That the hero has super power to create animal. It will be great.

I wish she was Magistrates or Patriots, cause they do need more love, especially considering that she is effectively a biochemical Shivs.

…but if the next hero revealed tomorrow is one of those then I will be happy.

(As for the hero design itself, I like it. Guardsmen are really into their baggy pants XD)


Someone tell her to get a belt though


Back to back bio nice, after I just burned all my frags on duran smh

LOL, True! I have a crap ton of mech frags…guessed wrong.

They were featured last month. I dont understand why we cant hlave magistrates who werent featured since oct. 2018. I think


Been so long that Both Bombella and Howitzer have retired :joy:

Love her!!! A must have and I for one love my people’s guard heroes :slight_smile:

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