Guide for Marlowe

Marlowe is specialized in her bronze, her bronze is her big deal, use it as much as possible on the most important enemy, every charge gives a 12% slower movement speed and use the silver whenever the opponent is doing something big, they’ll get stunned for 5 seconds for every charge you had and if you didn’t have a charge on the enemy you root them for a while, when she is gold she can whiplash 2 enemies every time and it deals more damage making it even more usefull, her platinum gives her a big health boost whenever you use the silver on an enemy or it expires and regens 20% of the bronze, giving her the ability to immediatly start whiplashing enemies again, she would be especially usefull with heroes that needs stuns or slow activating abilities like grenades, I reccomend Marlowe, Kunochi or anyone that needs to land their abilities on enemies, phalanx due to the low hp, heimlock and kobold to keep them alive

If you’re going to do these then consider making a weekly post for all heroes at one time rather than spamming individual posts, these also don’t open anything for discussion from other members of the community. Consider altering the style it’s written to imply others to add on to what you have already written.


I agree on that it might be better to post it weekly, would keep it more clean, and about the other thing I don’t really get what you mean?

When I’m done with pariah I’ll try to remove this on and post one with Alcatraz, Pariah and Marlowe, thanks for the tip

What I mean is this is a community forum, posts should imply community interaction and be written in a way for people to respond to them, you’re giving notes to people only. Write your posts in a way to get information from other members of the community as well. I could write everything I know on the forums and it wouldn’t be useful unless it’s written in a way that others can comment, discriminate or improve on. Hope that helps!


I see, I honestly don’t find much other ways of getting it somewhere it belongs, maybe the devs could make a section specialized in guides and stuff, for now I see your point, Ill try to make it more discussable

I enjoyed this bro. I appreciate your post. Dont let peope discourage you :wink:

Also so it sounds like she is a good counter for Kurtz rollers lol


If I may say so, Robert, I like the intent of what you are doing here but my concern is the matter of fact statements of what the best team composition for Marlowe is. The “best team composition” is a concept that has a great number of factors beyond what other four heroes are teamed up with Marlowe (or any other hero for that matter). How a player plays (plays on auto or manual? / can hit headshots or can’t hit the broad side of a barn? / can switch from hero to hero with ease or drops phone when trying to switch heroes in the middle of a match? (by the way that third one was me until I made myself practice). What concerns me would be others reading your posts and taking it as fact instead of as a suggestion.

It would be even better, perhaps, if this whole topic was phrased as “what is your team choice for Marlowe and why?” and then lead with your choice of teammates for her and your reasoning for it…who would you pilot? what to look for? what’s the danger from other heroes? etc.


Thanks for the suggestion, when I post other heroes Ill keep an eye out on what I say

Start a YouTube and tip and tricks videos. I would sub.

I have been thinking about it, just don’t know, the only thing I can really do is record screen without edits and stuff

If u have a laptop u could upload footage then edit from there rewatch it make sure 8ts all good then post it. i would love it

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I have a YouTube channel dedicated to HH content BUSYJONJON all caps. Check it out :wink:


I can sure do voice and screen record, but how do I upload the footage to my computer and how do I even upload it, I haven’t done it before

Can this post be deleted please, I have a better updated version