Is Artemis any good?

What’s your opinion on Artemis? I faced more prophets in PVP and the Artemis I faced are usually silver. Is she any good (worth dumping resources on)? What team composition do you use with her?

Her plat skills looks lame though =0

She is so easy to kill in pvp with my energy heroes.

Yeah I agree. Heckler melts her. Even Gammond can melt her haha So essentially pulling that 0.19% chance is useless? Like you’re better off getting a heimlock, razorback or heckler.

So there’s really no love for artemis? Haha any artemis users out there? Share your thoughts/strategies on her?

I don’t have her and I don’t feel like I need her. I am a bit put off that her in game description makes her sound silly and bad; “With a difficulty to aim”. Stuff like that should be in the 1* and 2* descriptions, not a frecking 7* - they should make her appear like a God.

I kill her with 3 headshots from dogface so elemental disadvantage haha. Skip her for now. She’ll get buffed in future for sure

I forget their names but there was one guy in 941, and I think one or two in 808 that had her at 10-Star Gold//// back when 50 was the max level. And they used her quite well. But that’s the exception rather than the rule I guess.

She has high damage but very very low health. Even een mech dps can take her out superfast. So good in damage but low in survivability

I am an Artemis user and from my experience, just stay far back and snipe
Thats how i do it

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Its just giving opinions
Plus, never check the dates mate
And stop judging meh ok Papa?

I’m not judging you for it; it’s just common forum etiquette not to revive dead posts. I thought you might not be aware of that so I mentioned it. It clogs up the forum feed with posts that are no longer relevant.

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Well sorry mate and u do know that the dates on this thing is so hard to locate

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