Your Ideas On Who is The Strongest Heroes

Being a veteran, I start to think about my team compositions and I thought who is the strongest hero in all categories (Health/DMG/Skills) and modes. I used to think Clyde but his health is way too low. My strongest in Artemis and I think Arty is the strongest.

What’s your ideas?

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Artemis strongest?
She has decent basic attack but inaccurate, her bronze can deal serious damage but can be easily interrupted…

I have a 10 star Plat Artemis. Maybe I have not been using her long enough but I don’t necessarily see her as being the “strongest”.

Would u mind explaining why u think she’s the strongest? Haha

Clearly, it’s Hideo, because he has the guts to elbow-drop anybody and everybody, event VTOL’s and giant mecha.


Well for one, great DMG and when you get her to gold, she can disrupt enemies from using her basic attacks, basically a much, much better version of sentry.

i’ll go with munnin direction

definitely matador, how he can leap forth and back with that body?! even carrying the LMG with him?!

I bet Razorback is the strongest. He even taunts all his enemies while in the battlefield… and the great part is, he even smiles… with no fear… ALL MIGHT… hahahah :joy:

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Also, he has a claymore strapped to his chest. That’s gutsy.

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Every day is leg day for Matador.


Hideo’s thighs though.

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But his perfect ass makes up for any minor imperfections elsewhere lol :slight_smile:

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